The Playstation 4 Pro’s Boost Mode

The Playstation 4 Pro’s Boost Mode

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Recently Sony announced some of the major changes coming to the PS4 and PS4 Pro in the next system update, and one of the changes for the Pro in particular is something to get excited about. Aside from the slew of small changes that come in the next update, there is now the option to improve performance on games that haven’t been patched to support the PS4 Pro. This comes in the form of “Boost Mode” which can be changed in the settings, improving frame rates and as a result, gameplay. Sony have confirmed that this will definitely be a feature in the next update, and that the option does more than simply just improving frame rates, but Sony didn’t detail what that is. Numerous videos have already surfaced online showing off Boost Mode, and from what i’ve seen, it looks fairly effective, and I’m looking forward to playing around with some of the older titles that didn’t receive a patch upon the Pro’s release.

Here is a comparison of The Evil Within on Boost Mode from Noel Underson.

The description says to turn off Boost Mode if there is unexpected behaviour during gameplay. Screenshot from Chris Pereira.

Thanks for reading guys, up next should be another article, followed by a review on Nioh!