Where I’m At Now


Hello to anyone who still reads my content and is wondering what happened over the past year and a bit. After what you’d call a low-point in self-confidence, I searched to expand the reach of my opinions to a larger audience. I’ve started writing for and Australian Journalism outlet called GameCloud! It’s been such a great opportunity, and I look forward to continuing my ventures with the team there.

If you want to see all the work I’ve done for them, or the website in general, go here: gamecloud.net.au or here: gamecloud.net.au/author/harry-kalogirou. Unfortunately, I don’t get to review everything that comes out, but I do what I can with new releases and retrospective reviews. If people want to read me from me, please let me know in the comments, and I can work out what’s best. I’m happy to continue writing for GameCloud, posting more stuff here, or even streaming on Twitch!

Structure on here would change for the better, as writing for a professional outlet has opened my eyes a little bit as too what something like a game review should look like. If you’re eager for more, please let me know!

Thanks, Harry.



The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild gets a Season Pass

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild gets a Season Pass

Breath of the Wild jumps the DLC Bandwagon

It’s no lie that Breath of the Wild is the Nintendo Switch’s killer app on launch, the amount of hype and excitement it’s generated is incredible. It’s been recently unveiled that Breath of the Wild has an expansion pass, and Nintendo have detailed what is to come with it. The expansion pass is $19.99, providing access to two downloadable content packs as soon as they release later this year.

This is the official artwork for the Expansion Pass.

Pack 1 is to be released in Winter of 2017 and comes with:

-A new Cave of Trials challenge

-Hard mode

-A new “feature” for the in-game map

Pack 2 is to be released Holiday 2017 and comes with:

-A new dungeon

-A new original story

-Additional challenges

This is a first for Zelda, but thankfully the expansion pass seems reasonably priced for what you get, and I’m personally looking forward to the additional content it has to offer. Hopefully it’s an addition to the main game, and not a necessity for those who choose not to buy it. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild releases on March 3rd, alongside the Nintendo Switch.

The Cancellation of Scalebound

The Cancellation of Scalebound

A Dragon Clipped of its Wings

It was only recently that we found out Platinum Games and Microsoft have parted ways, and development on the Xbox One exclusive Scalebound, has unfortunately, been ceased. While reasons as to why this has happened haven’t been properly announced yet, it seems like the director of the game, Hideki Kamiya, wanted to achieve his original vision, and this proved to require too much time and money for Microsoft. This is incredibly disappointing, because it’s very arguable that Kamiya has never directed a bad game, and Scalebound looked like it was to continue that tradition. The third-person action adventure game was originally announced during E3 of 2014 and was slated for a release sometime during 2017. It’s very unfortunate that what could’ve potentially been a great game, has been canned, presumably because it wasn’t rushed and pushed out the door. Microsoft are the one’s at a loss here, but it’s saddening to know that at this stage, Scalebound will never see the light of day.


As of now, Kamiya is taking a break from development, and Platinum Games as a whole must be disappointed that 4 years of work and effort has amounted to nothing. Here’s to hoping that Platinum can get back on their feet, and start pumping out quality games again, starting with Nier: Automata. Microsoft, you messed up with this one, 2017 for the Xbox One isn’t looking as good as it was. The cancellation of Scalebound is a testament to Kamiya, showing that he won’t compromise his vision and cut corners in order to release on time. I think anyone would prefer a great game that they had to wait for, as opposed to a sub-par one that was shoved out the door to meet deadlines.