The Cancellation of Scalebound

The Cancellation of Scalebound

A Dragon Clipped of its Wings

It was only recently that we found out Platinum Games and Microsoft have parted ways, and development on the Xbox One exclusive Scalebound, has unfortunately, been ceased. While reasons as to why this has happened haven’t been properly announced yet, it seems like the director of the game, Hideki Kamiya, wanted to achieve his original vision, and this proved to require too much time and money for Microsoft. This is incredibly disappointing, because it’s very arguable that Kamiya has never directed a bad game, and Scalebound looked like it was to continue that tradition. The third-person action adventure game was originally announced during E3 of 2014 and was slated for a release sometime during 2017. It’s very unfortunate that what could’ve potentially been a great game, has been canned, presumably because it wasn’t rushed and pushed out the door. Microsoft are the one’s at a loss here, but it’s saddening to know that at this stage, Scalebound will never see the light of day.


As of now, Kamiya is taking a break from development, and Platinum Games as a whole must be disappointed that 4 years of work and effort has amounted to nothing. Here’s to hoping that Platinum can get back on their feet, and start pumping out quality games again, starting with Nier: Automata. Microsoft, you messed up with this one, 2017 for the Xbox One isn’t looking as good as it was. The cancellation of Scalebound is a testament to Kamiya, showing that he won’t compromise his vision and cut corners in order to release on time. I think anyone would prefer a great game that they had to wait for, as opposed to a sub-par one that was shoved out the door to meet deadlines.