Where I’m At Now


Hello to anyone who still reads my content and is wondering what happened over the past year and a bit. After what you’d call a low-point in self-confidence, I searched to expand the reach of my opinions to a larger audience. I’ve started writing for and Australian Journalism outlet called GameCloud! It’s been such a great opportunity, and I look forward to continuing my ventures with the team there.

If you want to see all the work I’ve done for them, or the website in general, go here: gamecloud.net.au or here: gamecloud.net.au/author/harry-kalogirou. Unfortunately, I don’t get to review everything that comes out, but I do what I can with new releases and retrospective reviews. If people want to read me from me, please let me know in the comments, and I can work out what’s best. I’m happy to continue writing for GameCloud, posting more stuff here, or even streaming on Twitch!

Structure on here would change for the better, as writing for a professional outlet has opened my eyes a little bit as too what something like a game review should look like. If you’re eager for more, please let me know!

Thanks, Harry.