Definitely not a Walking Start

It’s definitely no understatement to say that Season 3 of Telltale’s The Walking Dead has started strangely. The premiere consists of Episode 1 and Episode 2, which sort of come together to create the initial story, and set the stage for what’s to come in The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. Thankfully, this works in the game’s favour, setting up what I think could potentially be Telltale’s best series yet.

A New Frontier is set a few years after the events of season 2.

A Brand New Frontier

the Walking Dead: A New Frontier, is set a few years after the end of season 2, and follows the story of Javi, a survivor who has been separated from most of his family and wants nothing more than to find them. Javi is an incredibly strong protagonist, and i’m very interested to see how he develops and changes over the course of the episodes. The new and returning characters here are all very interesting and likeable, and I found myself quickly caring for them as I do with other Telltale characters. Clementine makes a return once again, and her character is easily one of my favourites due to how well-developed she is and has been since season 2.The one thing I wished was handled better, was the explanation of what had happened to past characters. While these moments were quite emotionally impactful, I can’t help but feel like more justice should’ve been done by these characters. Dialogue choices once again play a large part in The Walking Dead, and considering all your options in every situation is crucial. The bigger decisions of the two episodes feel impactful, and they make for story moments that were incredibly emotional and heavy. Emotion is something that the first two episodes of the New Frontier does perfectly, with three plot twists over the course of both episodes, two of which legitimately made me shed a tear or two. The gameplay is standard stuff for the Walking Dead, and combat is once again fairly minimal in terms of interactivity, but it gets the job done. FINALLY it seems like Telltale have hit the sweet spot with performance right from the start. I had no problems when playing either episode and they always consistently ran at 60 FPS. The game also looks gorgeous too, once again using the cel-shaded art style that Telltale have become very well-known for. There’s a large amount of detail to be found in the world as well, which was a refreshing experience when exploring the various locations.

The end of episode 2 finishes with a twist that left me wanting episode 3 right away.

Verdict: 9/10

The first two episodes of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, act as an incredibly strong debut for Telltale’s third season of the Walking Dead. It’s tense, emotional, fast paced, technically sound, and has a very strong story, filled with even stronger characters. Besides some characters not getting enough justice done by them (in my opinion) Telltale has started off season 3 flawlessly, and words can’t describe how excited I am for the release of episode 3.


-Fantastic story

-Heavy choices

-Strong characters, new and old

-Multiple, emotional plot twists

-Technically sound


-Some characters aren’t done enough justice

Thanks for reading guys, i’m really happy with how this one turned out, it was fantastic. Up next will be a post about the cancellation of Scalebound, because I want to voice some opinions I have on it.


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