You’ve got to be Joking 

Telltale’s penultimate episode to their so far fantastic Batman series has finally been released, and while it’s by no means terrible, it’s definitely the worst episode so far, with under used characters and minimal story development. At the same time it manages to keep Batman fans on their toes, with Telltales every expanding universe becoming more and more unique. Batman: The Telltale Series – Episode 4: Guardian of Gotham is by no means bad, but it’s definitely not terrific either, bringing the momentum the series had built up back down to a lower level.

Vicki Vale plays a major part in the events of episode 4. 

Welcome to the Asylum

Guardian of Gotham takes place directly after the cliffhanger ending of Episode 3, and starts with Bruce being thrown in Arkham Asylum. This is where we are introduced to Telltale’s take on The Joker, voiced by Anthony Ingruber, who does a very passable job for the short amount of time he is present in the episode. However this time spent developing The Joker feels somewhat meaningless, as he is quickly done away with, presumably for a second season. It starts of fairly slow, and while Telltale’s take on The Joker was new and refreshing, it felt like the longest section in the series thus far. It starts to pick up again after Bruce gets out of Arkham Asylum. Character development in Guardian of Gotham takes centre stage, and characters such as Jim Gordon, Alfred, and Bruce himself are further explored and fleshed out, at the cost of minimal story development. It never really feels like the overall plot moves forward until the latter half of the episode, but the episode does climax with a choice that feels like the greatest in the series so far. I felt legitimate conflict between the choices I was provided with, and I look forward to replaying and experiencing the other outcomes. Combat sequences are once again jaw-droppingly awesome, and while the detective mode sequences makes a return in Guardian of Gotham, it’s unfortunately very watered down and simple. Guardian of Gotham once again looks very nice, with Telltale’s signature artstyle once again bringing the world to life, and this time around, frame rate is always consistent. However, I did unfortunately experience some audio related bugs, such as characters not lip syncing while talking. It only ever happened once but when it did I felt disconnected from the experience.

Gotham still looks amazing in Telltale’s signature cel-shading.

Verdict: 6.5/10

Batman: The Telltale Series – Episode 4: Guardian of Gotham definitely isn’t a bad episode in Telltale’s excellent Batman Series, it just happens to be the worst. It’s unfortunate because the rest of the series had been on such a streak of amazing episodes, and to see some of that momentum lost is truly upsetting. It has a stellar final choice, good performance, excellent combat sequences and strong character development, but that doesn’t save a slow start, minimal plot development, and audio glitches. Hopefully episode 5 gives the series the finale it deserves.


-Weighty final choice

-Strong character development

-Fixed performance issues, and strong art style


-Audio glitches

-Slow start to the episode

-Joker is done away with quickly

-Minimal plot development

Thanks for reading guys, up next is Pokemon Sun and Moon! Hopefully that should be up in the next week. Thanks again, Harry.



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