Consistency is Key

I’ve previously mentioned that Telltale’s original and very unique take on Batman had me extremely interested in it’s world, and I was definitely eager to see and play more of this, so far fantastic episodic series. Batman: The Telltale Series – Episode 3: New World Order effortlessly manages to be just as good as its previous episodes, and in some areas, does much better. New World Order is another fantastic episode in this excellent Telltale series, shaping up Telltale’s Batman series to be one of their best.

The Bat-Signal makes its debut in New World Order.

Sending your Mind Out of Order

Taking place a short time after the events of Children of Arkham, New World Order specifically follows Bruce Wayne and Batman after the election, with the Children of Arkham planning an attack on Gotham City. There are so many things I wish I could talk about but I won’t in order to avoid spoilers, but there are so many plot twists and surprises throughout the episode that I was kept on my feet the entire time. I was constantly surprised by what Episode 3 had to offer, and it had some of the most satisfying decision making thus far in the series. The episode ends on an incredibly unexpected twist, and words cannot explain how ready I am for episode 4. Choices in New World Order definitely feel pivotal in the overall all narrative, making for some of the best in the series so far. Characters in New World Order are further developed, and shown in new lights, which once again was very interesting. I’m continually enthralled with Telltale’s take on Batman and it’s originality. It truly is something else.The combat sequences in New World Order are just as good as the ones seen in the previous episodes of the series, all are entertaining, all are extremely well done, and all are absolutely awesome. Thankfully, New World Order does feature one crime scene much like the first episode did, and while it’s not as extensive, it’s refreshing and intriguing to piece together. The one place where New World Order fails, is once again from a technical standpoint. The infamous framerate of Telltale games is ever present in New World Order, and while it’s not game breaking, it’s definitely annoying. The game definitely still looks nice, with the same cel-shaded art style found in any Telltale game.

Harvey Dent plays a massive part in New World Order.

Verdict: 9.0/10

Telltale continues to show why they reign supreme over episodic gaming. They consistently release quality series’ and Batman is shaping up to be one of their best. New World Order is fantastic for all the reasons the other two episodes were, but it ups the anti with difficult, yet satisfying choices, epic combat sequences, and a huge amount of twists and turns to keep the player on their toes. 3 out of 5 down and it’s shaping up to be a damn good series.


-Difficult to make choices, but some extremely satisfying ones

-Decisions feel meaningful and pivotal in the story

-Fantastic combat sequences

-Multiple twists and turns to keep you on your feet


-Inconsistent framerate

Thanks for reading guys, up next is Battlefield 1, and that should be up tomorrow!



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