An Average Finish

The Walking Dead: Michonne’s third and final episode serves as a very average conclusion to the mini series as an episode. It manages to do what the first two episodes couldn’t, evolving the supporting cast so that the player actually cares about them. However, in the process of doing so, What We Deserve seems to forget what the first two episodes did so well. The fight scenes are nowhere near as awesome , which is quite disappointing. Michonne is continued to be well fleshed out, and is stupid as the final choice might seem on paper, it’s a legitimately hard choice to make. The supporting cast are further developed too, and it works out quite well. I cared for Samantha and her two brothers, an obvious comparison is here between the brothers and Michonne’s daughter, and i found it to be quite affecting. The story finishes with a very strong reveal, but What We Deserve is barely a satisfying conclusion.

maxresdefault (1)

Verdict: 6/10

The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 3: What We Deserve serves as an average finale for an average miniseries. This is definitely the weakest Walking Dead season Telltale has released. Hopefully season 3 doesn’t follow the same path, I doubt it will.


-Surprising reveal

-Developed characters


-Very average finish

-Weak combat sequences

Thanks for reading guys, up next is Uncharted 4! Have a great day – Harry.


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